Lockman Homebuilding Co. was founded in 2006 by Patrick Lockman. A native Atlantan and award-winning homebuilder, Patrick grew up in the homebuilding business started by his father, visiting open houses, walking construction sites and eventually building hundreds of homes across the metro area.

Today, Lockman is making his own mark on the city, choosing to focus on building a few amazing homes each year, primarily in the historic intown neighborhoods of Avondale Estates, Kirkwood, and Decatur. Lockman endeavors to preserve the character of these historic neighborhoods by constructing homes that combine old world craftsmanship with today’s modern amenities and conveniences. As a result, Lockman homes radiate charm, have striking curb appeal and because of the efforts to preserve as much of the native landscape as possible, the homes blend seamlessly into their historic surroundings.

Lockman understands there is more to homebuilding than just picking a location and building a house. A home is where we thrive and, as such, should be built with thoughtful consideration. Therefore, before choosing to build, Patrick carefully evaluates a site to determine the quality of life a buyer might embrace there. Questions like “What are the elevations of the lot?” “What are the neighbors like?” “What does the community at large offer for this family?” all help answer that all-important question any homebuilder should ask himself: “Would my family live here?”

Let us put our award-winning work to use for you as your next home builder.