Lockman Homebuilding Co. is an award winning homebuilder specializing in custom, well crafted homes, combining unique and elegant styling with an affordable, high-quality home design. Heavily influenced by the Craftsman style, which emphasizes the hand-made over the mass-produced, Lockman focuses on a few select projects each year to create one-of-a-kind homes. Whether it’s the use of a refurbished 1930s office door, an antique leaded glass window, or a custom-built breakfast nook for the family to gather around, Lockman Homebuilding Co. focuses on the details, providing each client with a uniquely styled home.

Lockman Homebuilding Co. also gives back. Through the Buy ONE, Build ONE program, Lockman is committed to using the company to help meet the needs of communities in the developing world. For every house sold, Lockman Homebuilding Co. builds a house for someone in need, making every Lockman client a partner in making the world a better place. Learn more about Buy ONE, Build ONE at www.buyonebuildone.wordpress.com.